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National Casino entices with a robust array of bonuses, complementing a rich gaming experience. Engage in the thrilling JetX game, blending strategic play and luck, ensuring your gaming journey is always vibrant and exuberantly exciting.
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The National Casino describes itself as the fulfilment of a shared dream by a group of gambling fans. They wanted to launch a completely new online casino that puts the player’s wishes in the foreground. Have they succeeded? You can learn that here in our National Casino experiences. We tell you all about what this site has to offer.

National Casino for Real Money

National Casino for Real Money

Bountiful Bonuses Awaiting at National Casino

National Casino has distinguished itself in the competitive online gaming arena with its genuinely enticing bonus structure, designed to enchant both newcomers and regular players with a flurry of opportunities to enhance their gaming expeditions.

National Casino Bonuses

National Casino Bonuses

Welcoming Canadians with Open Arms and Generous Bonuses

Commencing your journey at National Casino is not only thrilling but also rewarding, thanks to their dual-section welcome bonus tailored for Canadian players. Your initial deposit receives a 100% boost up to C$500, and additionally, you’re treated to 100 free spins on the captivating slot, Avalon: The Lost Kingdom. Not enough? Your second deposit is greeted with a 50% bonus up to C$1,000 and a further 50 free spins on Johnny Cash, ensuring your adventure is not only exciting but also full of potential.

Welcome Package: C$1,500 + 150 Free Spins
National Casino entices with a robust array of bonuses, complementing a rich gaming experience. Engage in the thrilling JetX game, blending strategic play and luck, ensuring your gaming journey is always vibrant and exuberantly exciting.

Ongoing Bonuses: A Constant Stream of Rewards

The generosity extends beyond the welcome, with a plethora of bonuses available to ongoing players. From the Friday Reload Bonus of 50% up to C$250 plus 100 free spins on Book of Cats, the thrilling 100 free spins to kick-start your week with Monday Free Spins on Journey Flirt, to engaging races and challenges like the Mystery slot race with prizes up to 500C$ and 500 free spins, every session at National Casino is laden with opportunities to elevate your gameplay and potential winnings. Not to forget, the weekly Queens Table Battle in the live casino beckons, offering yet another chance to claim victory and rewards. Meanwhile, loyal players ascend through the nine levels of the VIP program, converting points into additional bonuses, creating a cyclical stream of rewards that enhances every wager, spin, and win at National Casino.

Exploring the Vibrant Gaming World of National Casino

A haven for Canadian gamers, National Casino beckons with its alluring array of games and rewards, inviting you to explore its realm where opportunities and entertainment collide.

Delight in Free Play

For numerous gaming enthusiasts, the allure of playing without financial commitment holds undeniable appeal. The beauty of this lies in the risk-free nature of gaming – you relinquish nothing, yet the thrill of potential wins lingers in every play. Although offering free plays may not always align with the profitability goals of many online casinos, National Casino defies this norm, providing worthwhile opportunities that should undoubtedly be leveraged. Especially for those who are partial to the digital casino experience but may be restricted by a budget or reluctant to risk substantial funds, these complimentary games emerge as a welcoming alternative.

Embarking on a Paid Gaming Adventure

Indeed, the comprehensive suite of advantages that a casino offers truly comes into play when you invest your money into the gaming journey. Not only does this unveil a broader spectrum of gameplay options, enabling you to immerse wherever you desire, but it also elevates your winning potential. But tread wisely, for the gamble encompasses both – the prospects of winnings and the risk of losses. So, while choosing your games and stakes, employ discernment but don’t bypass the free play options that present themselves.

Engage in an Array of Table Games

Table games, while popular in online casinos, may not always overshadow the likes of Poker, Baccarat, or other fresh casino offerings. Some casinos, such as National Casino, grant you the liberty to select which table games you’d like to delve into, enriching your personalized gaming experience.

The Timeless Appeal of Slots

For those unacquainted, slots are a digital reflection of the vintage slot machines once prolific in casinos and gaming clubs. Essentially, it presents a screen interspersed with buttons and levers, designed to be pushed and pulled in the pursuit of luck and rewards. The essence of this gameplay is fundamentally similar to other casino offerings – the opportunity to win more than your stake, contingent, of course, upon fortune’s favor. With the National Casino offering various games, including the much-celebrated Merkur Casino Games, the slot mode is invariably present and promises simplistic, intuitive play where understanding controls and rules won’t consume your gaming time.

Welcome Package: C$1,500 + 150 Free Spins
National Casino entices with a robust array of bonuses, complementing a rich gaming experience. Engage in the thrilling JetX game, blending strategic play and luck, ensuring your gaming journey is always vibrant and exuberantly exciting.

JetX game at the National Casino

Embark on a distinctive escapade with JetX, featured prominently at National Casino, where participants are entwined in an innovatively exhilarating gambling expedition that merges keen strategy with palpable anticipation.

National Casino JetX Slot Online

Engage in the Exhilarating Dynamics of JetX

JetX introduces players to a visually vibrant game board where an airplane ascends, and as it climbs, bet multipliers progressively escalate. However, the journey is pervaded by a looming sense of unpredictability, as the aircraft may explode at any juncture, layering each play session with an element of suspense and tactical bet management. Punters are tasked with astutely determining their cash-out point before potential doom strikes, harmonizing the chase for augmented multipliers with the inherent hazard of an abrupt ending.

Intuitive Gameplay Tailored for All

JetX uniquely melds simplicity and inclusivity in its design, enabling players across the skill spectrum to effortlessly engage with its clear-cut betting mechanics and decisive withdrawal actions. The melding of an easy-to-understand interface with the consistent tension from an ever-increasing multiplier garners its broad-based appeal.

Strategies Amidst the Skies

JetX, while embracing the whims of fortune, concurrently allows room for shrewd strategy. The players, while navigating through the game, finely balance their pursuit of rewards against a backdrop of rising risks, calculating whether to opt for a prudent early withdrawal or boldly pursue a loftier payout with the accompanying escalated peril.

A Collective Gaming Narrative

JetX transcends mere gameplay, establishing itself as a cohesive social platform. Players bear witness to the strategies and wagers of their counterparts, adding an auxiliary layer of strategic insight and shared exhilaration or commiseration. The communal ambiance, wherein players concurrently experience the thrill of the multiplier climb and the collective suspense of potential downfall, crafts an engaging, shared gaming journey.

In navigating through JetX at National Casino, players find themselves amidst an adventurous meld of stimulating, intuitive gameplay, potential strategy application, and a collective, socially-engaging gaming environment, each round not merely a personal venture but a shared escapade across the player community. This is not just a game – it’s a joint venture into a world of strategic play and collective anticipation.

Welcome Package: C$1,500 + 150 Free Spins
National Casino entices with a robust array of bonuses, complementing a rich gaming experience. Engage in the thrilling JetX game, blending strategic play and luck, ensuring your gaming journey is always vibrant and exuberantly exciting.

Customer service

Sometimes not everything goes according to plan – even in a world full of colourful slots. So if there are any inconsistencies, competent support is a great help. Through my National Casino review, I found that you can contact support via live chat and email.

This is how you can reach the National Casino customer service:

  • Live Chat: available 24/7, registration not required
  • Email and contact form response time: 2-3 days
  • Telephone: not available

You are of the opinion that your concern can also be answered without help from the support? For such cases, the National Casino has created a detailed and helpful FAQ section. There, the most frequently asked questions on topics such as free spins, your account or technical matters are answered. Problems with your deposit or withdrawal? Questions about RTP values? You’re sure to find an answer to your question there. In general, the following applies: Good casinos are characterised by such an area, among other things, because confusion can occasionally arise, especially in the cashier area, with regard to withdrawals.


Embracing the exquisite world of National Casino is to undertake a journey through a meticulously crafted universe where exhilarating gameplay, such as the JetX, meets tangible opportunities. The platform not only provides a diverse playground for both seasoned and novice Canadian gamers but also meticulously balances risk and reward through a varied portfolio of both free and paid gaming options. JetX, with its unique blend of intuitive design and strategic depth, exemplifies the casino’s commitment to delivering novel and thrilling experiences, ensuring each player’s journey is not just a gamble, but a comprehensive tale of strategy, luck, and communal experiences.


What kind of games can I expect at National Casino?

National Casino boasts a diverse assortment of games, including various slots, table games like Poker and Baccarat, and a myriad of new and innovative casino offerings, designed to cater to both seasoned players and newcomers alike.

Does National Casino offer free play options?

Yes, National Casino provides opportunities for free play, allowing you to engage in gaming without financial commitment, thus offering a risk-free and entertaining platform to gain familiarity with varied games.

Can I Play JetX without making a Deposit at National Casino?

Yes, National Casino does provide opportunities for free plays, although access to all features and games may be limited. Playing JetX might require a minimum deposit, but details can vary, so it's recommended to check the latest on the National Casino site for accurate information.

How does the VIP Program at National Casino Enhance my Gaming Experience?

National Casino’s VIP program is structured to reward continued play and loyalty. As you ascend through its 9 levels, you accumulate points that can be exchanged for bonuses, enhancing your gameplay and offering additional opportunities for both enjoyment and potential rewards.

How Secure is My Money and Personal Information on National Casino?

National Casino prioritizes the security and confidentiality of player data and funds. Employing advanced security protocols and encryption technologies, it endeavors to provide a secure environment where you can engage and explore with peace of mind.


Welcome Package: C$1,500 + 150 Free Spins
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